Introducing: Vintage Package

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Let’s head out ♪

After choosing her favorite dress and getting her makeup and hair done by our in-house hairstylist and makeup artist, our couple heads off to today’s location.

The gorgeous dress the bride is wearing is one of our popular dresses, No.59. It has a beautiful neckline and a low back that is not only timeless, but the cream color and floral appliques makes this such a trendy and stylish dress! It truly looks gorgeous on so many of our brides, so it’s no wonder that it’s so popular.

Our bride today looks stunning too ♡ She matched the dress to one of our floral headbands, and a pair of our delicate pearl earrings, creating a gorgeous and elegant look.

Surrounded by subtropical greenery

While heading to this location, you will come across some areas with beautiful greenery areas, which becomes a bonus shoot location. Our couple looks even more stunning surrounded by greenery.

Enjoying an intimate moment in Mother Nature
Take my hand and we’ll go on an adventure
Like a scene out of a movie

It’s good to take break. Our couple takes a brief respite from walking to relax together, but even so, our photographer won’t miss the best moment even while you’re just chilling. (^^♪

At the beach

We’ve arrived at the beach! Our couple is bathing in the golden light~ The sun is shining behind them and reflecting off the ocean surface brilliantly, casting them in a beautiful glow.

Among the glamor, a cute pose ♬
Our gorgeous bride

Solo shots of the bride. Even if you are nervous, our photographers are experienced and will help you relax and be yourself. We can see the bride’s natural beauty in this shot.

Gorgeous bride ♥
Romantic sepia colored shots

This is the biggest draw of our vintage plan. Sepia shots creates a romantic atmosphere and naturally brings out a feeling of nostalgia. Some shots look like an epic movie scene! It’s like you’re shooting your own original romance movie~

I’ll love you till the end of time ♡
It’s just us against the world
Take my hand, we’ll go everywhere together~
A dramatic sunset shot!
My wedding band is shining as brightly as the setting sun!

★Vintage Plan★ For those who want to be particular about the quality of the photos! All photos can be retouched for corrections. Monochrome and sepia photos can also be created.
No additional fee for weekends and holidays
¥72,800(Western dress & suit・Beach shooting)

For more details, Please check our official website (Google translated from Japanese)
Please feel free to contact us via LINE or email! We have English support staff available to help you anytime~ Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concern.

琉球ウェディング | 沖縄のカジュ...
撮影プラン一覧 - 琉球ウェディング | 沖縄のカジュアル専門スタジオ [100組100通り]豊富なプランとラインナップであなたのニーズにお応え♪⁠⁠必ずご満足のいくウェディングフォトを圧倒的なコスパでお届けします。

Ryukyu Wedding also accepts free online consultations.
Since it's by appointment, please register on our official LINE-Official first and text us! OR, We have Whats App as well to accepts free online consultations.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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