Custom-Made Package – Infinite possibilities!

Here in Ryukyu Wedding, our main goal is to provide you with the photoshoot of your dreams! We want you to be able to create your memories in exactly the way you have been imagining.

Thus, we created the Custom-Made Package! This package truly has infinite possibilities, so let’s take a look!

Sunset Photoshoot

What’s included in the Custom-Made Package?

True to its name, you can customize this package however you like. This package includes:

  • 2 Dresses
  • 2 Tuxedos
  • 3 Add-on Options
  • Bride’s hair & makeup
  • 300 Photo gallery
  • All props and accessories

Since we have 90+ dresses, 40+ tuxedos, and 30+ add-on options, that means over 9,000 possible combinations! (Yep, I did the math!)

Now let’s take a look at some of our past clients for inspiration!

American Village + Sunset + Videography

Mr & Mrs. A — April 2023

① No. 65 Vermillion A-line with train
② No. 53 White mermaid with bow

① No. 36 Mustard
② No. 33 Beige

Add-on Options:
① American Village Photoshoot
② Sunset Photoshoot
③ Custom Videography

Custom Videography

Southeast Botanical Gardens + Zanehama Beach 51 + Sunset

Mr & Mrs. B — September 2023

① No. 39 White ballgown
② No. 72 Pink A-line with train

① No. 33 Beige
② No. 37 Grey

Add-on Options:
① Southeast Botanical Gardens photoshoot
② Zanehama Beach 51 photoshoot
③ Sunset photoshoot

Babysitter + Sunset + Drone Videography

Mr & Mrs. C — October 2023

① No. 62 White ballgown
② No. 76 Black ballgown

① No. 16 White
② No. 26 Black

Add-on Options:
① Babysitter
② Sunset photoshoot
③ Drone Videography

Most popular add-on options

As you may have noticed, the Sunset photoshoot and Videography add-on options are a client favorite! Let’s take a look at the others!

Most popular! #1:
Sunset Photoshoot

The west side of Okinawa gets the best sunsets, so why not include a sunset photoshoot to your wedding photos?

Custom Videography (Drone + Handheld)

Need a video for your wedding or reception? We’ve got you! For the most dynamic, MV-like video, go for the combination Drone + Handheld Videography!

Zanehama Beach 51

As seen on Instagram! The famous Zanehama Beach 51 with 360-degree panoramic cliffside views of the gorgeous Okinawan waters.

Custom Photo Album

Digital photos are lovely, but why not have a physical album filled with all the wonderful memories of your photoshoot? Each album is custom and one-of-a-kind!

“Water-in” SUP Photoshoot

Okinawa’s summers are blistering hot, so why not include a Stand-up Paddleboard photoshoot to cool off in the ocean?

Check out all of our add-on options!

Start designing your own Custom-made Package by choosing 3 of your favorite Add-on Options today!

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