Introducing: Japanese-Western Package

In this post, we’d like to introduce the「Japanese-Western Package!」


What’s in our “Japanese-Western Package”?

In this plan, you’ll get to choose between two styles of outfits: Japanese kimono and and Western dresses. For the “Japanese” part of the day, the bride wears a gorgeous and elaborate Kimono, and the groom dons a charismatic Hakama. After a brief break, we’ll start the “Western” part of the day, where both the bride and groom will change to their choice of Western-style dress and suit for another round of photos.

Not only are two completely incredible sets of costumes included in this plan, but a hairstyle change, your choice of two outdoor locations, a studio shoot, and 300 photo gallery are also included in this plan!

Of course, as with all our plans, we have a vast collection of accessories and props for you to add color to your shoot, and you can include your loved ones and even pets for free ♡

Let’s take a look at this package with our couple of the day!

⬅️ For the “Japanese” part of the day, our groom chose the Black Montsuki Haori Hakama that makes him look very charismatic and dignified.

Our bride chose our Colored Kimono No. 39, a gold kimono with red and black accents that makes her look incredibly stunning. ➡️

You can relax and enjoy being doted on as we dress you in your kimono and hakama, and do your matching hair and makeup. Being in Japan, this is your chance to experience wearing these unique Japanese outfits!

1: Studio shoot

After getting ready, we immediately started our shoot.

The first pose was done in our salon: a traditional bridal greeting pose. The accents you see are traditional umbrellas and fans.

Our couple looks so beautiful in their kimonos! Even if they were nervous, it doesn’t show! Also, our professional photographers and assistants will guide you into poses, so don’t worry and just enjoy the process of being doted on!

2: Beach shoot

1st Location: Yaka Salon Beach

At Ryukyu Wedding, you can see the vast ocean view from both our salons while you are getting ready for your shoot. At our Yaka Salon, you can walk right onto the beach and experience a unique romantic vibe where the ocean and forest meet ☀

We have accessories and props available for free for you to use to spice up your shoot. Let us know which poses and props you’d like to use in advance so we can prepare them for you! You can also browse our props and choose them on the day too ♪

3: A unique urban shoot ♬

For her second outfit, our bride chose our No. 71-1 Black Dress with puffy sleeves. Her hairstyle was also changed, and she brought her own polka dot hair accessories that matched the dress perfectly ★

She looks so stunning and brought such a different vibe than in a kimono! Our groom’s suit No. 29 also gave him such a sophisticated vibe that was different than in a hakama.

2nd location: The unique urban landscape of Kin-cho in the northern area of Okinawa, near Hansen Base

Our couple went out in town in their stunning dress and suit combo. Since downtown Kin is located right next to Hansen Base, it has a unique vibe that’s pretty different from other areas of Okinawa. There’s stores, bars, and restaurants that cater to the American military, and thus give a pretty interesting backdrop and make for really interesting photos!

If you’re a k-pop fan, you’d be able to recognize that BTS has filmed here! We’d be able to take similar photos for you if you’d like to fulfill your fangirl dreams (^^♪

4: Back to the beach in an orange dress! ☀

Our couple added an additional dress for the final location: Our No. 064 Orange dress

3rd location: A bright tropical beach

Our couple had a lot of fun taking photos at different unique locations in Okinawa! (^^♪ There were so many great shots that it was difficult for us to introduce them all!

As you can see, our “Japanese-Western Set Plan” is perfect for couples who want to wear a variety of outfits and have a lot of photos to share with their loved ones ♥

If you’re interested in a similar shoot with us, or would like something completely different, get in touch with us and we’d love to guide you!

Click the link below! ↓ We have English support staff and photographers available so reach out to us! ♪

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撮影プラン一覧 - 琉球ウェディング | 沖縄のカジュアル専門スタジオ [100組100通り]豊富なプランとラインナップであなたのニーズにお応え♪⁠⁠必ずご満足のいくウェディングフォトを圧倒的なコスパでお届けします。

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