Unique summer photoshoots: 4 ways!

It seems like summer never leaves Okinawa, because we have sunny days year round ☀︎ Since we’re talking about summer in Okinawa, of course we have to talk about the beach and the ocean!

If you’ll be here in Okinawa during the summer, why not book us for a unique summer photoshoot? You’ll be creating warm, romantic memories that will comfort you even in the coldest of winters ❤︎


1【Photo & Blue Cave snorkel plan】

【Snorkeling @ Blue Cave】【120 Shots】Beach photos & Blue Cave Snorkeling experience 1 day plan
¥72,800 (1 outfit set +1 beach location + Blue Cave snorkeling)
 The representative Okinawan experience! You can try out snorkeling in the famous Blue Cave and also take gorgeous wedding photos at the beach with this plan. We’ll take care of everything you need, so just come as you are (^^♪

2【”Water in plan” SUP & Ocean plan】

Feel refreshed in the ocean!【150 Shots】Trash the dress! Take gorgeous photos in wedding outfits without having to worry about cleaning! Beach photoshoot + Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) experience
¥79,800 (1 outfit set +1 beach location + SUP)
Summer (May~Nov) only plan! Not only can you get beautiful photos from one of the romantic times of your life, but you can also enjoy the refreshing ocean by taking a dip!

3【Dramatic plan with horse riding】

★Limited to our Yomitan Salon★ Ride a horse and take dramatic movie-like photos! ♪
¥127,800 (1 outfit set + Studio shots+ 1 beach location + Horseriding + Drone shots)
If you’re an animal lover and always wanted to take romantic photos straight out of a classic Hollywood movie, this plan is for you! ♥

4【Southeast Botanical Gardens & Beach plan】

【♡Half day plan】Take photos in Okinawa’s stunning Southeast Botanical Gardens♪ Enjoy both Beach & Garden scenes
¥82,800 (1 outfit set +1 beach location + Southeast Botanical Gardens)
Take stunning photos while sightseeing at the unique Southeast Botanical Gardens! Enjoy the subtropical flora around you as you enjoy a relaxing walk through nature. Perfect for sunny days, as there’s lots of shade to cool you down (^^)/

If you’re interested in capturing memories completely unique to Okinawa, or would like something completely different, get in touch with us and we’d love to guide you!

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Book us now! / info@ryukyu-e.com

琉球ウェディング | 沖縄のカジュ...
撮影プラン一覧 - 琉球ウェディング | 沖縄のカジュアル専門スタジオ [100組100通り]豊富なプランとラインナップであなたのニーズにお応え♪⁠⁠必ずご満足のいくウェディングフォトを圧倒的なコスパでお届けします。

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