Okinawa’s special cultural treasures: Ryuso, Ryukyu Kanhizakura, and Okinawan Castle Ruins

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The truly incredible Okinawa trifecta shoot♪

Today’s couple has the truly incredible Okinawa trifecta shoot: Ryukyu Kanhizakura (Okinawa cherry blossoms) at an Okinawan Castle Ruins, all while wearing Ryuso (Okinawa traditional-style kimono).

After getting ready, we were so excited to move to the Castle Ruins! This unique location is rich in history and is one of the many World Heritage Sites in Okinawa.

I’ll walk with you to the end of time ♡
With you, I feel complete ♪
Just the two of us under the cherry blossoms in full bloom ♥
Marriage certificate

For the photoshoot, our couple brought their special marriage certificate! They got a Gutetama version of their certificate! It’s a precious and adorable symbol of their love ♥

Congratulations on your marriage!
 I promise you my eternal love ♡

The groom brought out their wedding rings, and in a specially-designed Japanese box too! Together with the Ryuso and the blooming sakura, it’s makes for a beautiful traditional shot ♪

 With this ring, I give you all my love, forever ♥
Being shy newlyweds (^^♪
Symbols of their love against the gorgeous backdrop of the sakura in full bloom
Time travel???

The Castle Ruins make you feel like you’ve slipped through time back to the Ryukyu Dynasty. Especially while wearing the Ryuso, the clothing of Ryukyuan royalty, it’s easy to feel like the King and Queen of your own world ♡

Our couple looks incredible in Ryuso, it truly suits them so well!

Could it be… The King and Queen of the Ryukyu Kingdom?!
Everywhere and anywhere with you is an adventure ♪
With the unique Castle Ruins in the background
Our bride enjoying her solo shot under the sakura ♡
We at Ryukyu Wedding wish you all the happiness in the world~ ♬

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琉球ウェディング | 沖縄のカジュ...
撮影プラン一覧 - 琉球ウェディング | 沖縄のカジュアル専門スタジオ [100組100通り]豊富なプランとラインナップであなたのニーズにお応え♪⁠⁠必ずご満足のいくウェディングフォトを圧倒的なコスパでお届けします。

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