Ryukyu Lantern Festival in Murasaki Mura

Photoshoot Day: February 13, 2023
Location: Yomitan

The Ryukyu Lantern Festival is one of the most famous festivals in Okinawa. But how did it come to be?

Before the 1800s, Okinawa used to be known as the Ryukyu Kingdom, and traded extensively with China, Korea, and Southeast Asia. As a result, Okinawa become a melting pot of cultures, and is the reason why Okinawa doesn’t quite “feel” like Kyoto, Tokyo, or other areas of Japan.

You can especially feel the Chinese influence at the Ryukyu Lantern Festival in Murasaki Mura!

This couple came from Hong Kong to take their wedding photos with us, and wanted a traditional Chinese feel along with some classic Okinawan beach photos. We’re so happy that we could help them with both!


Getting Ready

Our photoshoot packages all come with outfits and hairstyling and makeup for the bride, so your day with Ryukyu Wedding will start in the studio with us!

Our bride getting the final touches on her hair
One of our bilingual staff assisting in the process!

The First Look

Our studios have separate rooms for the bride and groom, so if you’d like to have a first look, we’ve got you ❤︎

Under the Ryukyu lanterns

The Ryukyu Lantern Festival runs from December to March every year, which is the coldest months in Okinawa. Traditionally, the Ryukyu lanterns were used to light up the dark streets in winter and provide warmth to Okinawan people. The festival aims to recreate the winter atmosphere in the traditional Ryukyuan villages.

A kiss under the lanterns ♡
The lanterns are beautiful even during the day
Taking a break at one of the traditional houses

Sakura season in Okinawa

Here in Okinawa, cherry blossom, or sakura, season runs a little earlier than other parts of Japan. The full bloom typically runs from the end of January to the beginning of February, depending on the area.

This couple came last year in the middle of February, and was still able to get some shots with the Sakura trees at Murasaki Mura.

Tropical greenery

After Murasaki Mura, we continued on with the wedding photoshoot. First up, some shots in Okinawa’s tropical greenery.

Sharing an intimate dance in the forest

Even though it’s the thick of winter in Okinawa, it’s still warm enough for the plants to stay green, so these kinds of tropical photos are available all year round!

Finally, the beach!

The north wind is strong and can get chilly at times during winter in Okinawa, but with the sun shining high up ahead, it’s just right. Beach photoshoots are also available year round here with us!

All of our photoshoot packages come with a beach photoshoot, so you’ll be able to get the island photos of your dreams no matter what package you choose!

English support available

Don’t worry if you don’t speak Japanese or aren’t too confident with your Japanese skills! We have bilingual photographers and staff (like me!) who are thrilled to help you create the wedding photos of your dreams ♡

Book early so that we can schedule our staff appropriately as well to give you the best Japanese studio experience!

Photoshoot Package Info

Photoshoot Package: 3 Locations Package

Included: 1 dress, 1 3-piece suit, bride’s hair & makeup, studio + forest + beach photoshoots, 150 photo gallery
Add-ons: Murasaki Mura photoshoot

Ryukyu Wedding also accepts free online consultations.
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