An anniversary shoot with puppies!!

Photoshoot day: November 2023
Location: Yaka Studio

Did you know that we are pet friendly?

Here at our studio we’re a HUGE fan of animals, and dogs are no exception! Bring your dogs to our studio and incude them in your photoshoot!

Most of our clientele come from outside of Okinawa and can’t come with their pets, so having dogs in our studio is quite the rare and momentous occasion. You can imagine our excitement when this lovely couple told us they would be bringing their dogs!

Waiting very patiently in our yard for mommy & daddy to get ready!

Today’s couple live in Okinawa, and are celebrating their anniversary with a photoshoot with us 💗 And they’re bringing their precious dogs with them for family photos!

They booked our 3 Locations Package, which includes a studio shoot, a park shoot, and a beach shoot!

Our lovely couple started with a studio shoot, just the two of them ♡

I can’t stop looking at you~
You bring me so much joy~

After the studio shoot, it was time to pack up the dogs and head to the park and beach locations!

Sharing an intimate moment
Our goofy groom, always making his bride and us giggle!

Finally, it’s time for family portraits! Puppies, go to mommy & daddy!

Finally, it’s time to head to the beach!

Walking hand-in-hand, as always

We had the beach completely to ourselves, so of course the puppies were unleashed and set free!

Watching their kiddos play ♡

Of course, this was when things started to get a little~ chaotic 😂

But even in the chaos, our photographer was able to capture some amazing and gorgeous moments!

Even though it was early November, the blazing noon sun was still pretty warm, and the dogs got tired and needed a break.

Taking a break by mommy & daddy’s feet
While the dogs are chill, a quick mommy & me shot~

To finish up the shoot, a “princess carry” pose, and an attempted “prince carry” pose!

Congratulations again on your anniversary, J & S! We hope you and your family stay happy and healthy~ ♡

3 Locations Package
Included: 1 dress, 1 suit or tux, bride’s hair & makeup, all accessories, all props, 150 photo gallery
Locations: 1 studio, 1 park, 1 beach

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