Breathtaking sunset photo shooting ♫

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Photoshoot day: October 2023
Location: Cape Zanpa(Yomitan village)

Hi! How are you all doing?
This is Sue from Ryukyu Wedding.
Hope you are enjoying nice spring season ♫
Okinawa island presents various type of beautiful flowers of spring at this time of the year.

Let me introduce a photo shoot report for a lovely couple!

They booked our Casual Package, which includes a beach shoot! This time, another filming location,Cape Zanpa was added at the request of the couple.

Our lovely couple started with a beachshoot ♡ 
Okinawa has various beautiful beaches that are perfect for wedding photography. Enjoy special mement of taking wedding photos with your loved ones on a wonderful beach.

A warm hug from back, looking at each other~

Our Groom chose a cool blue tuxed, bride wears beautiful white dress. Aren’t they look beautiful and stylish? ♥

Holding each other’s hand while relaxing at the beach ♥
Happy beautiful couple, a celebration of love♥

A solo shot of our beautiful bride in her white dress. . ♥ Against the canvas of the sea, her figure is a striking symbol of elegance and grace.
And our groom’s solo shot. .Wearing a gorgeous blue tuxedo and stylish sunglasses, the groom looks like a movie star ♫

Lovely bride ♥ love for eternity…
Cool groom!

At their request, we have added the filming location of Cape Zanpa as an option. The cape located in central Okinawa, is known for its amazing sunsets, perfect spot for sunset photography. Nice choice ♬
(*Photoshoots at this location can be added with extra cost)
(*Do chat with our friendly staff for more info!)

Shall we dance? Groom gently taking the lead as they dance elegantly. Their movements are as if they dance on a regular basis.

shall we dance?
love you forever ♥

We welcome your family or friends to participate on your special day at no extra cost!
If you would like your family to participate in the photo shoot, please let the staff know when making your reservation!

With family you cherish!
Happy day, all together ♫

Every photo is a special and precious memory…

Are you wondering what to do with your wedding photo shoot?
Let us assist you with making memories that will last a lifetime ♥
For more details, please don’t hesitate to contact us!!

Our choice of Packages

Ryukyu Wedding also accepts free online consultations.
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