【 Photoshoot ideas 】The Proposal Pose ♡

Not sure how to pose for your wedding or anniversary photoshoot? Don’t worry, we got you!

Our photographers and assistants see so many couples: extroverted, camera-comfy types, and introverted, awkward turtle types, and everything in between! We’re here to guide you every step of the way ♡

But in case you’re worried and doing extra research, we’d like to introduce a couple of photoshoot ideas to you!

Will you marry me? Yes!

The Proposal: Not a pose, but a scene

This post is dedicated to a staple in our studio: The Proposal!

Rather than a single pose, it is a whole scene. Bonus: Almost everyone knows how the classic, down-on-one-knee proposal goes, so it’s easy to understand and direct!

Because we’re in Japan, our clients love a little hint of kawaii in their shots, and we always add an initial “What do you have there?” peeking shot of our bride. I know, you know, and we know that there’s a ring, but aren’t the photos so cute?

Re-do your proposal?

For many couples (my husband and I included 😅), the classic proposal was probably far from the actual, real proposal. 😅 So, why not re-do it and get some gorgeous photos while you’re at it? Or reaffirm your love and dedication to each other with a sweet proposal ♡

Here’s a throwback to one of our past clients, W, who booked us for a surprise proposal last year! With how excited he was, even he couldn’t naturally make a picture-perfect proposal, but of course we did a redo!

Use some props!

We have tons of props at our studio! Misplaced your ring box but still want to do the classic proposal, why not present your wife with one of our flower boquets?

And better yet, why not do the proposal scene in one of our ring frames?

Women can propose too!

Alright, there’s been a lot of photos of men proposing on this post. It’s 2024! Women can propose too! It’s a rare occassion, but here’s one of our brides doing the proposing!

Keep these memories forever

Here in our studio, we specialize in curating your memories your way — No matter how that is! We have so many add-on options for you to choose from to add to your photoshoot. If you want to preserve this proposal forever, we recommend adding either Custom Videography or a Custom Wedding Album!

Add-on option: Custom Videography

Add to any photoshoot! Advance booking required.

Add-on option: Custom A4 Wedding Album

Add to any photoshoot, even after you have recieved your gallery. Every album is custom-made to suit you.

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