「#1 Most popular!」 Simple Beach Package

Package: Simple Beach Package
Studio: Yomitan Studio
Date: December 2023

Here I’d like to walk you through our most popular photoshoot package: The Simple Beach Package! It’s popular for a reason, and you’re gonna see it here!


Wedding dress & tuxedo included

Our featured couple are from the city of Nagoya on mainland Japan. Even though it does have a coastline, Nagoya doesn’t have beaches as beautiful as Okinawa’s, so our couple decided to travel to our sunny island to get their wedding photos taken!

Our stunning couple

Our couple had their photoshoot in December, which was perfect timing as our 2024 collection of new dresses and tuxedos had just arrived at our studios! They were able to be the very first ones to wear their outfits 🎵

Dress no. 84 — Black mermaid dress with puff sleeves

Here’s our stunning bride in our new Dress no. 84, which is a black mermaid dress with a gorgeous fit-and-flare and a romantic train. It comes with detachable puff sleeves!

All our dresses can be chosen with our Simple Beach Package. You can even try on a few when you come to our studio before you make your decision!

Our bride had initially tried on our Dress no. 81, which is a romantic floral A-line, but this dress caught her eye and she fell in love when she tried it on ♡

You know who else fell in love? Our groom! With his bride 💗

Our groom also got to wear a brand new tuxedo! Although we have a matching all-black tuxedo to match the bride’s black dress, he went with our new Tuxedo No. 37 — a timeless 3-piece grey formal tuxedo!

Looking dapper even without the jacket!

When paired together, our couple looks so modern and stylish! Even though grey and black aren’t really traditional colours for wedding photos, you can’t deny that they still look gorgeous and bridal!

The classic veil shot for the perfect dreamy, romantic vibes ♡

Bridal hairstyling & makeup included

Bridal photoshoot makeup can be tricky, as it needs to show up on camera under all sorts of lightning, and bridal hair is tricky in Okinawa, because of its unpredictable winds!

Okinawa’s weather is famous for constantly changing. One minute it’s perfectly sunny, and the next, it’s wind and cloudy! But don’t worry, our professional hair & makeup artists will make sure that your bridal look will withstand anything Okinawa’s weather can toss!

Our Simple Beach Packages include the bride’s hairstyling and makeup! Any hairstyle and any makeup style!

Her features are still soft and feminine even in direct sunlight!

Accessories and props are included – or bring your own!

Feeling nervous about posing for photos? Why not add props and accessories to your photoshoot? It’ll give you something to interact with, which will take your mind off the camera!

Tossing their initials into the air!

From different photo frames, to Orion beer cans, to any alphabet from A to Z, we have it all for free for you to use when you book a shoot with us! Browse our selection when you arrive at the store, and we’ll take it out for you to shoot with!

Another studio favorite – A picture in a frame!

Our couple also brought resin art that they had made earlier in their trip — A little turtle and whale shark with their name on it. We highly encourage you to bring your own little props as well, as that will add so much of your own original color into your shoot!

We made this!

Professional Photographers

Have some ideas for photos but don’t know how to make it a reality? Or have no ideas at all and just want to make beautiful memories? We got you! Our professional photographers will be there to direct you!

Let’s take a look at a Proposal Scene by our couple, directed by our photographer!

Will you marry me???

Although this looks like it was taken in one shot, it’s actually quite a lot of guiding, directing, and re-taking from multiple angles to get just the right set of photos!

But don’t worry, we’re pros and we know exactly how to guide you to this end result 🤍

Digital HD galleries

After the photoshoot, we will send your gallery to you via email or LINE. Your HD gallery will be hosted on Google Drive, so you don’t have to sign up to any 3rd party sites to see it! All your photos will be print-ready, so you can even get them printed on a canvas to hang up in your home.

I love you forever~

Simple Beach Package

Package name: Simple Beach Package

Photos: 120
Outfits: 1 Western-style dress + 1 Tuxedo
Photoshoot location: Beach

Included: Bride’s hair & makeup, bouquet, all accessories and props

Our most popular photoshoot by far — Arrive as you are, completely empty- handed, and come away with the tropical beach photos of your dreams!

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