3 Locations Package (Limited offer till 5/31!) 💚

[ Monitor Campaign ] from now till 5/31!
Book now for ¥10,000 off selected packages!
※ T&Cs apply 💌 Contact us for details!

I’m here today to share a photoshoot and also to let you know that we have a Monitor Campaign ongoing till 5/31! Book now and don’t miss out on saving Â¥10,000!

What is a Monitor Campaign?

This a special promotion for our Ryukyu Wedding couples who want to save a little! We offer ¥10,000 off on our most basic packages: the Simple Beach Package, and the 3 Locations Package.

[Terms & Conditions]

  1. You must be comfortable with us using your photos on our social media, blog, and website. If you are not comfortable with this, you may not be eligible for this discount.
  2. You will not be able to choose the locations.
  3. You can request up to 5 poses or leave everything to the photographer. We may also request you to do certain poses, and will discuss this with you ahead of time.
  4. If you have any concerns with timing or scheduling, please let us know before making your reservation.

Please contact us if you have any questions ☺️

Today’s couple are Mr & Mrs I from Ibaraki Prefecture, just north of Tokyo. They booked our 3 Locations Package for maximum variety in a very afforable price!

The 3 Locations Package comes with 3 “locations”: our studio, the beach, and in the greenery, all located within walking distance of each other.

Our couple started off with a studio shoot, complete with some behind the scenes shots:

Heading downstairs to take some classic studio shots:

Afterwards, to our garage for some more non-traditional shots!

Wrapping up their studio shoot, they headed outside to take photos with our pink car:

It was drizzling a little bit. But the rain won’t stop our lively couple from brightening up everyone’s day!

Walking hand-in-hand through the trees

The greenery part of the shoot involves walking through a line of evergreen trees, which stay green even through the thick of the Okinawan winter!

An “eco” shot — a very trendy shot in Japan!
They’re still feeling a bit nervous in the beginning of the shoot! It’s okay! Be confident, you two!

Now, it’s time for the beach photoshoot! Starting with a studio staple, the proposal scene ♡

What do you have there?

We also have a variety of props to use!

A few variations of the veil shots!

Our couple were still nervous, but so in love! They definitely warmed up to us as the photoshoot progressed, and we were happy to see their smiles!

Our groom is still serious, but a stunning smile from our bride~

One final shot, a very tricky double jump shot! It needed coordinating between the couple, our photographer, and the assistant on shoot to toss the skirt, but they nailed it!

Thank you Mr & Mrs I for trusting us with capturing your lovely memories!

3 Locations Package

・150 Photo gallery
・ Studio + Beach + Greenery photoshoot
・ 1 Dress & 1 Tuxedo
・ Bride’s hair & makeup
・ All props & accessories

An intimate studio shoot, the classic Okinawan beach shoot, and finally, a refreshing shoot surrounded by greenery and nature. Have the best of all 3 worlds with our 3 Locations Package!

[ Monitor Campaign ] from now till 5/31!
Book now for ¥10,000 off selected packages!
※ T&Cs apply 💌 Contact us for details!

Ryukyu Wedding also accepts free online consultations.
Since it's by appointment, please register on our official LINE-Official first and text us! OR, We have Whats App as well to accepts free online consultations.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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