The Traditional Japanese Wedding Kimono

Photoshoot: Japanese Kimono Package
Studio: Yomitan Studio
Date: January 2024

You may have seen many Japanese kimonos around, but have you seen a traditional Japanese wedding kimono?


Kind of Formal Kimonos

Formal Japanese kimonos come in a variety of colours and are worn for many different occasions: Graduation, and Coming-of-age being the two most common events. However, these look completely different from the traditional Japanese wedding kimono!

You might be most familiar with these types of kimono! They are called furisode and are characterized by their very long sleeves. Furisode are most commonly worn by young women during Coming-of-age and Graduation ceremonies across Japan.

The Traditional Japanese Wedding Kimono

Now let’s take a look at the traditional Japanese wedding kimono!

Presenting our couple of the day! ♡ Our groom is from Germany and our bride was born and raised right here in Okinawa. They met and live in Germany, but were here for a couple of weeks to get married and celebrate with their family ♡

Japanese-crested Haori + Hakama on our groom, and the Shiromuku on our bride

Now back to talking about kimonos! For traditional Japanese weddings, the groom is always dressed in a Japanese-crested Haori (top) and Hakama (bottom) usually in black.

The bride has many choices, but our bride chose the Shiromuku, the very traditional white wedding kimono.

Preparing for the traditional greeting pose

Both the Haori & Hakama and the Shiromuku require trained stylists to put on, as there are many layers and elements to both outfits. The groom’s Haori & Hakama has 3 layers, while the Shiromuku has a total of 4! It’s truly something that can’t be done on your own.

Putting on the Shiromuku

Take a peep at the video below to see how the Shiromuku is put on!

The stylists also accompanied our couple through their photoshoot, as the outfits require constant adjusment between poses.

Studio Photoshoot

After hair and makeup, and putting on the Hakama and Shiromuku, our couple starts their studio shoot!

Studio photoshoots are always included with any package that includes a Kimono~

The traditional greeting pose

This pose is a traditional Japanese greeting pose done by newlyweds on their wedding day. As such, it is a staple for our Kimono photoshoots. For our non-Japanese clients, since we know that it might be hard to sit on your knees and bow, we’ll try our best to make this quick!!

Our photographer Teru called this a “tricky shot”. We say its absolutely stunning!

Beach Photoshoot

After the studio shoot, our couple, followed by all our staff, head to the beach for their outdoor photoshoot! The weather was gorgeous~ The sun was just peeking through the clouds, and there was a nice breeze blowing through.

Since it was January, it was a little chilly, but it was perfect for our couple, who are wearing so many layers!

Our couple are so in love~ We absolutely love seeing that ‘just married’ feeling here in our studio! And we’re so glad that we get to see it everyday ♡

Gazing lovingly into each other’s eyes

Our couple sharing a little dance 💗 Just because you’re in a very traditional wedding kimono, doesn’t mean that you can’t do cute and modern wedding poses! Here in our studio, we’ll try our best to help you get the photos of you dreams!

Sharing a kiss
We love the little accent of blue peeking through on her Shiromuku!

More shots of our bride~ The photos really don’t show it at all, but she said it was hard to walk with all those layers. “It feels like I’m wearing a futon!” All of us walked slowly, at her pace, and we had a really chill photoshoot together ❤︎

You make me feel like flying!!
Saying goodbye to one of the community cats

Thank you M & A for coming to our studio! We hope that you are staying happy and healthy in Germany! ❤︎

Japanese Kimono Package

Package Name: Japanese Kimono Package

Photos: 100
Outfits: 1 set Women’s Kimono + 1 set Men’s Hakama
Photoshoot location: Studio + Beach

Also includes: Bride’s hair & makeup, all traditional accessories and props, kimono fitting & styling

Ever wanted Kimono wedding photos? Come as you are to our studio and let us pamper and dress you in our gorgeous kimonos! Take traditional Japanese wedding photos in our studio, then head outside to take some fun outdoor shots!

English Support Available

Along with myself (Zarifah), we have bilingual staff available to provide in-house English support during booking and on your special day! Reach out to us early so that we can make all the right arrangements to make sure that your photoshoot goes smoothly for you ♡

Ryukyu Wedding also accepts free online consultations.
Since it's by appointment, please register on our official LINE-Official first and text us! OR, We have Whats App as well to accepts free online consultations.

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