Wedding photos surrounded by the winter illuminations ✨

Photoshoot day: November 2023
Location: American Village

Hello everyone! How are you all doing?
Hopefully, enjoying the holidays and not catching a cold!

Around this time of the year, many people might be busy with finishing up work before the holidays!

Here in Japan, and many other parts of Asia, elaborate light displays, or illuminations, are extremely popular in winter! Today, I’d like to introduce some of our past clients who had photos taken with the winter illuminations ♪

Holding hands 🎵

Here in Okinawa, the winter illuminations start from early November.
There aren’t as many people out in November and January compared to December, so it might be easier to do a photo shoot with the illuminations during November or from January onwards♪

A prince here to whisk his princess away~
Love of my life ♥ You bring me so much joy

So if you’re interested in wedding photoshoots in Okinawa, but aren’t big fans of the beach, we have so many other locations to offer!

For example, we have the ever popular American Village, located in Chatan town.

American Village faces west, perfect for sunset photoshoots with breathtaking natural lighting.

Stay in my heart ♡
Proof of our love

American village offers lots of backdrops for a variety of different shots!

Evening photoshoots are especially fun and romantic!
(*Do chat with our friendly staff for more info on additional fees!)

I’ll protect you from the cold~

Catching happy moments ♥ Looking at each other. We love natural shots, so just relax and enjoy each other’s company! ♬

Love you forever ♡
In a glittering world, you two are the main characters ♥
Like a movie scene

Every photo seems like it comes right out of your dreams~ ♥

Parts of American Village are decorated with beautiful illuminations all year round♪
If you would like have pictures surrounded by sparkling, glittering lights, American Village is for you!
Another location to consider is also the Southeast Botanical Gardens in Okinawa, which won the 2nd place in the All-Japan National Illuminations Competition.

For more details, please don’t hesitate to contact us!!

American Village Package

Ryukyu Wedding also accepts free online consultations.
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We look forward to hearing from you!

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