Happy New Year 2024~ Traditional Okinawan Ryuso Wedding!

Photoshoot day: October 2023
Location: Murasaki Mura(Yomitan village), Southeast Botanical Garden(Okinawa city)

Hello everyone! How are you all doing?
It’s 2024! Happy New Year!
I hope everyone’s been enjoying the holidays!

Since it’s 2024, would you like to do something special?
Why not take a wedding photo shoot wearing the beautiful Okinawan traditional kimono, Ryuso? 
Or why not have the best of both~? Take photos in both the Okinawan Kimono (Ryuso) and the Western style dress?
Well, you’ve come to the right place ♬
Here at Ryukyu Wedding, we have our ”Okinawa-Western Package.”
You can enjoy the best of both worlds! Traditional Okinawan and modern Western ♪
Today, let us share a photoshoot report of this lovely couple who booked this package.

In our studio! A traditional newlywed greeting pose~

Okinawa was previously known as the “Ryukyu Kingdom”, so one of our traditional Okinawan costumes is called “Ryuso”.
Often compared to the Japanese kimono, the Ryuso is gorgeous and beautiful, with unique designs and vibrant colors that reflect the history and culture of Ryukyu. We highly recommend wearing a unique Ryuso and taking wedding photos here in Okinawa ♫

You feel like you’ve become the king and queen of Okinawa!
Perfect location for a Ryukyu-style wedding photo shoot

The first shoot location is “Murasaki Mura” in Yomitan village!
This park makes you feel like you have traveled back in time to the Ryukyu Dynasty, as it has many buildings that were modeled after a traditional Ryukyu-era village~ If you go between December and March, you will be able to see the Ryukyu Lanterns even during the day!
It’s a perfect spot for Ryuso!

(*Photoshoots at this location can be added with extra cost)

Love of my life ♥ For eternity…

Solo shot in the beautiful Ryuso ♥
Traditional Ryuso are characterized by beautiful embroidery and bright colors.
You can also take a shot holding a Japanese umbrella. Stunning!
Indeed, the Ryuso makes for unique Okinawan wedding photography ♫

We welcome your family or friends to participate on your special day at no extra cost! If you would like your family to participate in the photo shoot, please let the staff know when making your reservation!

With family you love
Together on a special day

Now, transform themselves into a Western-style prince and princess ♥ Both looks stylish and amazing with their wedding dress and tuxedos♪

Second shooting location: South East Botanical Garden
Love you forever ♡
Like a movie scene

Every photo is full of originality ♥

This lovely couple especially requested “South East Botanical Garden” for their second shooting location.
(*Do chat with our friendly staff for more info on additional fees!)
We think it’s an absolutely fitting choice for them ♪
This park is known for its beauty with over 1,300 types of subtropical plants in the park. And if you go between November and March, you can see the illumination decorations even during the day!
Enjoy fresh air and a healing environment while walking around the park.
An amazing spot for wedding photography surrounded by soothing greenery! It was so lovely to be able to capture their special moment.

Are you wondering what to do with your wedding photo shoot? Let us assist you with making memories that will last lifetimes ♥ For more details, please don’t hesitate to contact us!!

Okinawa-Western Package

Ryukyu Wedding also accepts free online consultations.
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