Southeast Botanical Garden: Unique subtropical vibes!

Photoshoot day: November 2023
Location: Southeast Botanical Garden in Okinawa city

This lovely couple chose “Southeast Botanical Garden” as one of their photoshoot locations ♪
This park is a botanical garden resort where you can enjoy over 1,300 types of tropical and exotic plants with a warm, tropical atmosphere all year round.

southeast botanical garden
Hold me close in the sunshine ☀️
southeast botanical garden2
Hand in hand, walking through the palm trees

This location is perfect if you’d like to sightsee and enjoy the gardens while taking your wedding photos! Enjoy a special day in these charming gardens, which has many unique photo spots, like bridges overlooking a lake, unique flora, and even a treehouse!

southeast botanical garden5
Just you and me~

Our beautiful bride ♥ Surrounded by tall palm trees, her pure white dress stands out. Like a princess lost in the tropical woods, looking for her prince~

southeast botanical garden4
A beautiful princess appreared in the forest ♥

Here he is! Our groom! Our bride’s prince! Also surrounded by luscious green, he gazes lovingly at his bride~

southeast botanical garden3
Cool groom!

“Southeast Botanical Garden” is one of our recommended locations, especially for nature lovers, as you can truly experience Okinawa’s unique flora here!

It’s time to head to the beach!

We had the beach completely to ourselves, and were blessed with beautiful weather! What breathtaking scenery ♥ Crystal clear waters and blue skies!

Our photographer was able to capture lots of natural and dynamic moments!

southeast botanical garden10
I love you forever!!

To finish up the shoot, here’s a happy smile of this lovely couple! What an amazing day ♡

Thank you for choosing us at Ryukyu Wedding for your special day!! We hope you and your family stay happy and healthy ♡

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